Welcome to “The Janosick Project”, over the last year or so I feel like I have really made some amazing strides in what we all define as “life”. We are all presented different challenges in life, but that is what life is. Never stop pushing yourself as that is really the only way you evolve. That is why i chose to start this blog, to challenge myself and really be nothing short of open and vulnerable for the world to see.

Life is really a culmination of lessons as they are behind ever corner. I have my faults as I am not perfect, but hopefully in time i will pass each lesson. Some life lessons are easy, while some are not. The universe will test you in ways you didn’t think imaginable and hope to let you in on my world. My mission is to share my thoughts, and be nothing short of  authentic and real. I believe in being a 100% true and authentic, as those are the same people I am striving to meet and surround myself those that are like minded.

I never really saw my story, my views on the world as anything special but over the last year or two i have been fortunate to make new friends and acquaintances who saw something in me and have requested that i put my words in writing in the form of a blog. So thanks for the encouragement and i hope you enjoy the journey. I don’t have a script on what i am going to write, and i know my grammar isn’t the best but follow along. I look forward to sharing my thoughts on life, running, love, and more.

The Janosick Project