The Ice Cream Girl

Well ever since I took my old soulmate the onetime to the local ice cream shop nearby for the first time back in February of 2016 I continued to make it my weekly ritual to go as its part of my weekly treat to myself. Saturday became my day for going and being the creature of habit that I am I have always stuck with my favorite trusted flavor and overtime I am pretty sure everyone knows my order, even the newest employees. It’s probably in the training manual which is a scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip in a waffle cone. Sometimes I go in there early before lunch, and sometimes at closing. It truly varies.

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My First Blog Post

For as long as I can remember I have never really bought into the hype of my own birthday. It is almost a blessing when it passes to be honest but am OK with that. I don’t know if it is partially due to the fact that i am a old soul, or I hate bringing attention to myself, or just not having that special person to share it with, or none of the above. It could also just be the fact I prefer to do for others, vs myself at times. Either way I find it interesting how social media and texting has changed how people share their birthdays with so many faces whether it be thru a text, on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or more.

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