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For as long as I can remember I have never really bought into the hype of my own birthday. It is almost a blessing when it passes to be honest but am OK with that. I don’t know if it is partially due to the fact that i am a old soul, or I hate bringing attention to myself, or just not having that special person to share it with, or none of the above. It could also just be the fact I prefer to do for others, vs myself at times. Either way I find it interesting how social media and texting has changed how people share their birthdays with so many faces whether it be thru a text, on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or more.

I really am grateful for everyone around who takes those 2 seconds to post a birthday shout out somewhere in the universe no matter the method. I realize life is as fast paced as ever but to know someone paused to take a second out of their day to put you first and say a simple “happy birthday” is really touching. It truly means a lot me as I honestly don’t take much joy in my birthday as I can’t pinpoint that exact reason why but for some strange reason but I will say that hearing from those individuals you haven’t talked to in decades, or new friends you made on the train yesterday is so warming and comforting which is why I always write every one back. I tell you this because the simplest of hello’s on a random day to a stranger, the check out girl at the grocery store, a new friend made today, or a even a friend before you knew before your ABC’s can make someone’s day. Make that extra effort, someone always can use a random hi and not just on their birthday which brings me to my next point.

I believe the key to life is learning to love better. It will challenge the very make-up that makes you, YOU. It will lead to opportunities that you didn’t think were possible as the universe works in mysterious ways. Just be sure to not ignore the signs and never stop pushing yourself. I am not sure what enlightenment this blog will bring to you exactly, but if there is anything i want you to take away from my message is you can always love better. I have learned a lot about love, life and beyond in the last year or two. In fact it could have very well taught more about myself then the last 20yrs combined on earth. A great love even though it can be challenging at times it can really teach alot. I know for me my story has really opened my heart and taught me a lot of lessons along the way and if that resonates with just one person who might stumble upon this read, my writing has been worth it.

See we all have lessons to learn in life and some of mine in this journey have been a combination of fortitude, strength, courage, patience, and love. My hope is too share what I have learned because of a soulmate love in my life. I have lived the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows when apart from my soulmate but with knowledge you can have understanding. From Understanding you can have hope and drive because I do believe miracles do happen. The key is to just be patient.

So what is my birthday wish? my birthday wish for the year is quite simple actually. My theme is simple mix of “Spread the Love” & “Keep the Faith” when things get difficult. Thanks again, and  I really looking forward to what the universe has in store for me in this new birthday year full of opportunities and new adventures.

The Janosick Project

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  1. Love it. If you share yourself with us the world will become a better place. What you offer is simple, its from the heart and it’s how we relate. I am grateful to have befriended you and look forward to following your journey of giving. God bless.

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