Get Lost on Purpose

Sometimes you just need get lost in life, and make those spur of the moment /last minute decisions and just go! I really enjoy what I do for work and I love my clients. I know they put their trust in me to make sure that I will make them and their business a success. I take a great deal of pride in making sure that they are taken care of first and foremost as that has always my objective, and the way I was taught by dad. I travel enough I think, but the trips always seem revolve around work. Sometimes there is downtime, and sometimes not so much because I am always working to support them even when I am away. You see in my business the phone never stops ringing as there is always a new rush project everyday, thankfully we are good at them. So the thought to actually take a week off and hand off the keys to my team is really hard because the thought in my mind is they always need me, and I am the glue that holds it all together. Anyway a week ago I just decided you know what? I needed to make time for me, and get away. So I just went online and purchase a round trip ticket to San Diego as I felt I just needed to do “ just do me”  because sometime you need to be selfish and put yourself first as my friend Jill put it and she was totally right.


I can procrastinate at times but in general I really work my ass off. There are great perks of working for yourself but being a small business owner does come with a lot of responsibility as well. I always have to keep the business running in an upward trajectory, and the biggest thing is that everyone gets paid. Whether it the employees, the electric company, the vendors, or state & federal taxes they all get paid before I take a dollar for my own salary. So probably one of the biggest fears I have had in the past is what happens when I take off just a few days. Does the office momentum stop when when I take the foot off the gas pedal? Not really, it more like you lift your foot off the gas pedal.


Well anyone that knows me I am not afraid of putting in the extra work, and what has become a trend before I travel is I seem to find myself pulling all nighters till 3 or 4am only to race home, shower, pack a suitcase, and run back out the door to catch a plane. It allows me to float 2-3 days with little to respond to in my absence which in turn give me peace of mind. In the end we all work 5-6 days a week to hopefully provide us the time, and means to pursue our passion in hobbies that bring us joy. As we know that it so easy to stay in that work-work-work mindset all day everyday when you trying to get to that next plateau.


Anyway this trip was everything I hoped it to be as I was able to get lost in a city I never been too and just explore and take it all in.  I love where I reside on the east coast but escaping your hometown is refreshing as well. I was super fortunate enough to have stayed with my 2nd cousin on this trip. She has a beautiful apt where she resides in the middle of the San Diego city skyline views. She was busy with work but we also had our time to hang too. Anyway I didn’t mind because I know she has her own life too, and didn’t want to intrude, or need to be my tour guide. I am comfortable in my own skin that I have no fear being on my own. It wasn’t the longest of trips as I needed to be back for a lecture on a topic dear to my heart but it was perfect for a change of pace.  Considering that I was there only for 4 days and 3 nights I covered a lot of ground. From art exhibits, ferrying over to Coronado Island for sight seeing, Torrey Pines Cliffs, cycling out La Jolla, Eating at the hottest restaurant in the The Gaslamp District, Learning the local Transit System, Runs around the city, and catching a U2 concert at Qualcomm Stadium.


The best unexpected surprise of my whole trip was really the discussions that I had with my cousin. Note I really didn’t know my second cousin really at all but I left knowing she was my favorite cousin. We had such phenomenal deep discusses about relationships, love, California, God, work and so much more. It was just so amazing to have the discussion that we did on that the level because I haven’t met more than a handful of people in my life that are capable of processing the way the world is on that high of a level. Granted if you asked me if i could have had those chat 3 years ago I couldn’t have but now thanks to all the reading, inner searching , and homework that I have done over the last year and a half on my journey to find that soulmate love that is willing, able, and ready to commit to love, and commit healing I can see the world with clear vision. My life just like my cousins I know we are meant for bigger and better things and sometimes we need to walk these paths so we can inspire and help others. I had a few interesting conversation with complete strangers that really inspired me, and gave me validation that i am on the right path and that I do in fact have a message, and a energy to share with others


That said I hope that next time you have that spur of a moment idea to get away you take that opportunity because you never know what you will discover about yourself or learn from others along the way in your journey. Keep in mind you have to learn to love yourself before you can learn to love someone else and really embrace it fully when it comes because it will come. Also you can never underestimate how one person, and one conversation can change your life. So my advice is don’t be afraid to buy a last minute ticket with no agenda and just go. You will be thankful that you did.


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