When The Universe Closes the Door…

Sometimes when things happen you don’t really know why but at the same time you really just have to trust in the process and believe the Universe knows best. You see for me for example I really loved my soulmate that I met on that flight 220 back in January of 2016. She knocked the socks off me and even when we weren’t together she was always the last thought I had before I closed my eyes, and the first one when I woke up in the morning. It was tough to continue to fight for her the way I did but thru that fight I learned more about love and life than I had ever learned in all my years prior on this earth combined. Now I try to share the knowledge that I was taught and learned to those around me that are seeking understanding in their own lives. Some will listen some will not but I also know I am not here to carry anyone else’s cross or fix them. I will hold their hand and lead them but at the end of the day they have to do the work and walk the path

I have always been blessed with a good heart and actually when I look back to my earliest memory that I can remember to this day on earth actually was me wanting to be in love. A love so amazing everyone could see it. I think I was 4 or 5 years old at the time. This girl taught me what unconditional love feels like and for that I am grateful. Unfortunately for her she was more afraid of loving then she was of losing me. So I looked inward, and did the homework and soul searching that it took to get me to where I am today. It is an evolution and it probably never stops.

You see I probably could have fought for her longer but sometimes the universe will close the door on something even if we aren’t ready. In my case they weren’t going to keep a good person waiting for forever for someone. The universe will be patient but when they come to a consensus that she would never step up they shut the door on her and sent me a clear message. Granted I was already morning the end of my relationship for months but at the same time I knew it would take a miracle too. I recall telling the universe on more than the one location that they would need to shut the door for me because I knew I might have a tough time closing it myself.

I’ll admit that even after that door had closed it took a little white to come to realize it but I trusted in the universe knowing that eventually it would bring something much better my way, and it would probably be sooner than later. I guess my message is sometimes things will happen in your life and you might not know why, but if trust that there is something better coming it probably will even though it might not be clear in that moment but when you look back in time it will all make sense. So remember the next time you feel the Universe closes the door on love in your life, or a job, something else remember there is a open window to something better.

The Janosick Project

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