Flight 220

It is fitting that today I found the drive to write again. Sorry for being absent in recent weeks, there is actually so much I want to share with all of you I just haven’t mapped out a step by step approach on how to share my stories and lessons learned but what better time is there to write then when buckled into your seat on a plane at 30,000 feet.

Well today is a travel day for me on this fine Sunday Afternoon. I am a little tired after working late into the morning hours but I really wanted to write this next post which really revolves around my favorite story of all time even though the ending is still open-ended. You see today I am flying out of my home airport which holds a special place in my heart. You see a last January on a cold blustery winter night I actually finished up my work early and went to the airport two hours before my flight like they alway tell you but I never seem to follow as I like to live on the edge when it comes to last-minute travel. Well with my luck I passed thru security in record time only to get to the illuminated departure board to see the flight was DELAYED in bright red letters….now what? to kill an hour is hard enough but 2+ hours and counting is a real challenge.

Well there was this couple situated outside the only establishment eating a meal and killing time so I made eye contact and began to struck up a conversation as I do with everyone. We talked about the delayed flight and they indicated that the flight would be at least 2 hours late maybe more based on their source who they pointed out. It was the Blonde situated at the bar. She heard them mention her by description and her head whipped around to see who was talking about her. She looked cute from afar but I couldn’t be certain due to the less than average lighting in the bar. I would need to take a closer look, or at least a fly bye. So I gave it a few minutes of small talk with the couple and then I proceeded to enter the bar and positioned my suitcase two seats to the left of that blonde at the bar. She was locked into her salad, and sipping her wine trying to avoid conversation at all costs. Well you know me I was curious to see if she was cute as I thought she was from afar so I just went for it and broke the ice by striking up a conversation with her and explaining that the couple outside the bar said you told them we are delayed for 2 hours, is that true?…When she turned her head and looked up i knew in that very instant that she was not only was she cute, her beauty was everything I hope it could be and more. She was the beautiful person I have ever set eyes on even to this day, her smile was just radiating and something that I could never forget. So I proceeded to then ask her if she would watch my bag, but I promised her that all the good stuff was in my backpack. She instantly laughed, as I knew she had lowered her guard and I knew the next 2hrs+ sitting at this bar I was going to enjoy getting to know everything I could about this girl but even I couldn’t foresee what would unfold.

I walked to the restroom because I really did need to go, but it also gave me a chance to regroup having just met a unicorn at the airport bar. I returned and the conversation was just effortless as I could have sat there thru the night till the sun rose again and I knew she could do the same. I was just being authentic and taking mental notes on every detail that I could retain should I need to take a quiz later. I even coined a phrase and labeled myself as “not-your-average-trifold”, it was like we were making up our own language. Then came the call from the loud-speaker overhead some 2hrs later came to board came. I was just dreading that announcement as I rather the flight be delayed another 2 hours selfishly. Like was this where i was saying goodbye, and she would just go down as that airport acquaintance? Well I forgot I was flying southwest, which equals no assigned seats.

The both of us gathered our belongings and walked our way over to the ticket counter to board. I was lucky to board first so of course I asked if I could save her a seat. Somehow I lucked out to land the emergency room seats and I snagged one for her. I had been separate for only 5mins and I could remember the feeling of missing her already as I looked eagerly down the aisle waiting to see that smile of hers yet again. Finally there she was as I pinched myself that this was really happening. You see for the longest time I always had this feeling I would meet the girl of my dreams, aka my soulmate at the airport and then I meet this girl. On top of that is she fit the very description that I had been channeled to me prior. It was just an affirmation that I was right where I needed to be, and that right then and there.

I was right that my prediction about 2016 would be everything I thought it would be. Meanwhile she sat down and we picked up the conversation without skipping a beat, So i had no clue if she had someone special in her life and i asked “Do you have a travel companion?”. She replied “yes”, and my heart sank as i took that to mean she had a man in her life. So sounding a little bummed in my voice, I had to just to confirm and I asked “Really? You have a travel companion?”, and she quickly replied “Yes, your my travel companion silly”. So i quickly reacted and being the gentleman that I am I asked if I could buckle her in and she kindly obliged without hesitation. A few minutes later unannounced she grabbed my hand and I just smiled in happiness as she expressed her fear of taking off and landing, so i said it she cold hold my hand as long as she wanted. Meanwhile why waiting for the rest of the passenger to board I felt the need to snap a photo to mark this night, so let her choose some hashtags, and edit tweak the photo so i could post it for the universe to see. Shortly after though I raised the armrest for comfort and I sure didn’t mind not having the barrier of the armrest in between us even though I figured soon as we were in the air she would let go, well she never let go the rest of the flight. In fact shortly into the flight she wrapped her hands and snuggled up to me even closer. I never felt so comfortable, and connected to someone I met just 2 hours prior. I knew there was something different about her and the instant connection that I felt as this meeting was more but I still wasn’t sure what was happening cause this was too good to be true. Stuff like this doesn’t happen and maybe I was day dreaming.

Well the conversation continued and i reached to my phone to share a photo to go along with my story telling. Then we moved on to diving into my Instagram and sharing my life or at least the last 4 years. She hung onto every word, just craving to know more about me as she was asking constant questions and Eventually I got to the point while I had my phone open and asked her if she would mind sharing her phone number and she kindly reciprocated it went beyond sharing numbers. I began to write in her phone all the things I wanted her to remember about me should she ever forget who I am but we know that would never happen. My mind was spinning trying to remember every detail step the evening because I never wanted to forget a minute of this epic night…so after the exchange of info she snuggled up to me as we both just rested our eyes but i couldn’t stop thinking about how this night was something out of a Hollywood movie, but better….so while sitting there with my eyes closed all I could think about is I wanted to make sure that meeting her was so memorable that she could never forget meeting me and I had the perfect idea because at this point I was already feeling wow this feels like the love of my life and I want it to go down as the best love story that we could tell for a lifetime. So I took quick glance around and everyone sitting around us was passed out, and the coast was clear….so i shifted my body a little and when she lifted her head I leaned into her and just went for it and kissed her at 30,000 feet in the air, and she kissed back. It was the most memorable kiss I ever had to this day, and at that point she stole my heart. It was perfect and i still can’t imagine to this day a better, and more unique story to meeting a complete stranger, and sharing a first kiss just a few hours later.

I just want you to know that magic can happen, if you’re open to it. I know that is was divine timing that brought the two of us together on that January night. You see I have evolved a lot since I met her as meeting a soulmate brings out the best in you and I actually admit a bigger believer in God then I ever have because of this night and I am not one to go to church or anything like that really. My point though is no matter what you believe in God is never wrong when it comes to divine timing. Look at my story and you can see how it took a lot of work for the universe to coordinate such a meeting of soulmates and there is nothing more evident than when I look back in all the things that had to happen for us to have met the way we did. First we both had to book a plane ticket, It turned out we booked our tickets within 4 days of each other, The universe pushed me to go to Orlando by creating a need to skip Vegas which is where I wanted to go while she had to get out her relationship and want to get away. There had to be a malfunction of the plane causing flight had to be delayed otherwise we never meet at the bar and hit it off. If we never meet at the bar, we never sit together, and then we never kiss….So again you can see the universe knows exactly the right time to bring that soulmate into your life and when you meet that soulmate the connection is there soon as you just see each other you know each other already. That is why mine felt so comfortable snuggling up to me on the plane. Trust me if i didn’t experience it i wouldn’t believe it either but at that moment I never felt more comfortable in my whole life. It was like she knew just how to wrap her arms around me and hold me in that moment.

That said it doesn’t mean it always goes smoothly either just because you met a soulmate for a few reasons but if you search inward, and do your homework you’ll learn a lot because there really is nothing like a soulmate love even though it scares some. Trust me I know and walked the path. Sometimes thought the universe will close that door for you even when your not ready, but be at ease as if you did everything right you will be rewarded.

The Janosick Project

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