Aunt Jackie

Growing up I loved the holidays. I always look forward to seeing my cousin Patrick because I knew that we had a extra player whether it be a game of kickball or wiffleball in the cul de sac. My parents would always mention other names but being I never met them I couldn’t put a face to them. I only knew the side of the family that we saw regularly at the holiday times and stuff like that. Continue reading “Aunt Jackie”

Never Forget

Never forget, Unfortunately I think a lot of people forget the life lessons that came out those tragic events on 9/11. Remember how we as a country, neighbors, and strangers all banded together for the common good of civilization and how it brought out the best in people during tragedy, and how we were all proud to be Americans. There were American flags were everywhere the eye could see for miles. The same could be said about other times in our history as a country.

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Keep The Faith

My whole reason about this blog is to keep things real, and share the ups along with the downs. The new girl that I had three fantastic dates and you might have read about in the previous post or two if you follow along ended up getting a little scared but its OK because I understand it.  So if this ever happens to you that doesn’t mean you have to lose your shit. Why you ask? Because knowledge and the ability to understand things really is everything. One of my main reasons for sharing my stories is I am trying to help guys, and girls alike understand to recognize certain situations and when you need to take a step back and that just because someone gets a little scared doesn’t mean things are over. Knowledge and understanding really helps guide you on how to proceed but also give you piece of mind.

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The Ice Cream Girl

Well ever since I took my old soulmate the onetime to the local ice cream shop nearby for the first time back in February of 2016 I continued to make it my weekly ritual to go as its part of my weekly treat to myself. Saturday became my day for going and being the creature of habit that I am I have always stuck with my favorite trusted flavor and overtime I am pretty sure everyone knows my order, even the newest employees. It’s probably in the training manual which is a scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip in a waffle cone. Sometimes I go in there early before lunch, and sometimes at closing. It truly varies.

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When The Universe Closes the Door…

Sometimes when things happen you don’t really know why but at the same time you really just have to trust in the process and believe the Universe knows best. You see for me for example I really loved my soulmate that I met on that flight 220 back in January of 2016. She knocked the socks off me and even when we weren’t together she was always the last thought I had before I closed my eyes, and the first one when I woke up in the morning. It was tough to continue to fight for her the way I did but thru that fight I learned more about love and life than I had ever learned in all my years prior on this earth combined. Now I try to share the knowledge that I was taught and learned to those around me that are seeking understanding in their own lives. Some will listen some will not but I also know I am not here to carry anyone else’s cross or fix them. I will hold their hand and lead them but at the end of the day they have to do the work and walk the path Continue reading “When The Universe Closes the Door…”

Flight 220

It is fitting that today I found the drive to write again. Sorry for being absent in recent weeks, there is actually so much I want to share with all of you I just haven’t mapped out a step by step approach on how to share my stories and lessons learned but what better time is there to write then when buckled into your seat on a plane at 30,000 feet.

Well today is a travel day for me on this fine Sunday Afternoon. I am a little tired after working late into the morning hours but I really wanted to write this next post which really revolves around my favorite story of all time even though the ending is still open-ended. You see today I am flying out of my home airport which holds a special place in my heart. You see a last January on a cold blustery winter night I actually finished up my work early and went to the airport two hours before my flight like they alway tell you but I never seem to follow as I like to live on the edge when it comes to last-minute travel. Well with my luck I passed thru security in record time only to get to the illuminated departure board to see the flight was DELAYED in bright red letters….now what? to kill an hour is hard enough but 2+ hours and counting is a real challenge.
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