Lady Gaga

Ok well Tuesday night was Lady Gaga and the weather wasn’t ideal being that the forecast was 100% rain. But my date for the evening didn’t complain one bit about the weather leading up to me picking her up at her house which personality wise I liked seeing. I saw this as a test to see how much of a trooper she was going to be and days in the future.

So before leaving the house I checked in to see if there was anything she needed even though I was well prepared even if she wasn’t.  What fun would it be to have a cold, wet, and tired sidekick on your hands right? How prepared was i you ask? For example I had two small umbrellas, and blanket that were project samples that we could discard if they didn’t permit them in the stadium….plus I threw together some extra dry clothes as two towels just in case we were soaked to the bone. I always think ahead plus I made sure to pack a bottle and half of wine from Wolffer to indulge in once we got to the stadium…anyway right before I was out the door she said…”but if you have an extra rain coat that would be great”…well I was 5 minutes ahead of schedule and I looked around the house and I couldn’t find a spare raincoat. So on my way over I made a quick stop over at Dick’s Sporting Goods because I knew I want this girl to have simply the best time ever, and I want her see that. I quickly made fashion selections for her and picked up a styling rain coat and a hat to keep the rain out of her face having done a concert before in the rain for Mumford and Sons two year back. I know she was slim figured, but she is tall too so I snagged a Medium figuring I’d be safe with that.


I picked her up right on time and she just looked great dressed in jeans with nice boots and women’s trench-coat looking jacket as if she came out of a catalog for J. Crew. So we are on our way…I personally would have left a little sooner because the US Open started so it really puts a strain on parking when CitiField and US Open are going at the same time but the evening tennis matches were cancelled so we lucked out on that…anyway the drive in was great because it just gave us more time to continue to ask questions about each other. I let her play DJ, and let go thru my phone and scan for music on the Carplay. I have a broad range of taste in music so she would play a song or two for me…and then I’d choose one or two, It was fun and then we would counter back and forth about the selections. She also noticed that I had SnapChat so she made sure we found each other on that app asap, I told her to go town as I have nothing to hide. She mentioned somewhere along the ride that her mom asked how the first date went…she shared with me that she told her mom that she felt like she went on a date herself, meaning that in a positive light. I thought that was interesting knowing how she sees me which is genuine, caring, sweet and more.


Luckily the traffic was actually pretty good for a rainy ride at rush hour. We got to the stadium and parked around 7. I grabbed the cooler from the back of the car, poured ourselves a drink, toasted our solo-cups and just kept the conversation rolling naturally. Her friends actually ask…so how is Mr. Mint Chocolate Chip guy? Lol… We continued to talk music, while playing a game on her phone to pass the time. We just laughed as we watched people park their cars as if it was their first time parking a car, it really can be comical. Time flew bye and before we knew it we had finished up the bottles of wine signalling it was time to venture out in the rain. I told her I didn’t have an extra raincoat at home so I did the next best thing and made a quick shopping spree on the way over to her place to make sure she was taken care of…I should have went with the small, but now I know for next time. The hat though was perfect so all was not lost in my efforts, lol. So I threw on my waterproof boots to match her styling and we were on our way with the masses. Holding hands along the way as we weaved our way thru traffic since we had to hike a little bit to get into the stadium for where our seats were.


Once inside we made sure to hit the men’s/ladies room…then we were on a mission to find hot pretzels. We had to go up a level to find them but she was on board as she was feeling my craving too especially since I skipped on dinner to get my regular Tuesday run in. We made it back down to field level in time to each snag a beer and make it to our seats. Did she love out seats? You bet, I tend to swing for the fences as I really value the experience of sitting close I have learned. Note she actually went to the concert the previous night but all the way up so it was a nice upgrade for sure. She joked to her friends how these seats sucked but we know the truth. Well we got to our seats just a few minutes before Lady Gaga came on.


The concert in itself was a little bit of a blur, not because of drinking but I was just caught up in sharing this moment in time with someone that genuinely wanted to be there. I mean we watched the concert but I was just wrapped up in her enjoyment, laughter, energy and her contagious smile. Like I was just enjoying her company knowing her cheeks were hurting from smiling so much. We just danced, and sang our hearts out in the rain soaked or not as if no one else was even present and we just lived in the moment of being in each other’s life at this very moment in time and of course we captured a moment or two on our phones. The concert felt like it flew bye but I was happy in that whatever led up to me being in that moment with her and for that I am gracious.


As the concert wrapped up we hit the bathrooms upon exit. I lost track of where she veered off to the bathroom and just stood there for a few minutes until she just reappeared out of nowhere with that smile of hers. Then we were on our way back to car hoping to beat some of the traffic out all while holding hands, weaving thru the crowds and hoping purposely in a puddle or two along the way with just big grins on our faces…then there was some street performer jamming out so we just hopped in there and danced a song with no care in the world like while at the concert earlier before heading onward…we walked thru the gate and there was a big puddle and we just looked at each other while holding and we did it and just jumped two feet into and splashed each other. It sounds like such a simple thing but to me that just capped the night off. As we probably did one or two more times as the puddles found us on the way back to the car in my soaked jeans but it was perfect.


It took a good hour get out of the parking lot but it just allowed us to glow about the evening we just had and let her play DJ again. At one point I know I skipped a Michael Jackson song which normally I wouldn’t and she was “like you just skipped past a MJ song?”, lol…so I quickly flipped to the previous track…funny enough I hear later on that it was actually His birthday on the 29th. Talking about coincidences I expressed to her how I don’t believe it to be coincidence that she was with me tonight, and how things work out the way they are supposed to and I always believe I am right where I am supposed to be, and that I am thankful to enjoy this moment with you and she agreed that she believes it too…was she just yessing me? I don’t know. I think she believes it and time will tell.


She tried staying up with me as drove home but I think she napped a little as we got closer to her house. When we arrived I walked her to the door and kissed her goodnight and the whole way home I just was thrilled about how the whole evening went and I was still glowing the next day as I expressed to you as in that evening I felt that love for her.


I am really happy to say we are just taking it slow and really easy going as in my ideal world I want to my best friend and lover to be the same person. She tends to be on the quite side at times when we are apart but I learned patience is a great quality. I would say if there we weren’t connected after this evening then I don’t know if it will ever be but that wasn’t the case. I am learning that getting to know people on a different level can take many different paths but this was perfect night. Just know I am enjoying the experience even thought I know twist and turns lay ahead.


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