The Ice Cream Girl

Well ever since I took my old soulmate the onetime to the local ice cream shop nearby for the first time back in February of 2016 I continued to make it my weekly ritual to go as its part of my weekly treat to myself. Saturday became my day for going and being the creature of habit that I am I have always stuck with my favorite trusted flavor and overtime I am pretty sure everyone knows my order, even the newest employees. It’s probably in the training manual which is a scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip in a waffle cone. Sometimes I go in there early before lunch, and sometimes at closing. It truly varies.

Anyway I treat everyone at the grocery store, the bank, and everywhere I go the same. I believe treat people the way you want to be treated so I am always starting conversations just like my grandpa did because people matter, and its rewarding to put smiles on people’s faces. It doesn’t always happen because some people are truly just unhappy but I try still nonetheless.


Like I said I have been visiting this store once a week for almost 2 years now but I recall when one day there was this new addition to the team. It was around June and like every Saturday before I was still visiting every week, only I missed getting there before close because I had run a race out east and by the time I got home they were closed since summer hours didn’t start till the following week. So the first thing I did Sunday morning was go up to town and get my regular Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream on a waffle cone but like I said I noticed there was this new strikingly beautiful individual behind the counter with this breath taking smile as I took as step back. We had a conversation much to do about nothing but I recall leaving the store that day with a little bit of an extra smile because this girl was so sweet, you could just tell. I quickly dismissed any interest as I knew deep inside my focus was that my soulmate would return if all the guidance I had gotten up until that point rang true.


Yet every time I walked into that store I always found myself looking for her because I always seemed to converse with her more than the other employees. She just seemed so genuine and lovely that whenever I saw she always had this smile that was to die for. I even recall one stretch where I probably went weeks without seeing her in there and then one day she re-appeared and I was glad to see she was still around. It was like I missed her because she just had that killer smile that was so infectious that it made it hard not to feel the warmth or “after-glow” that she gives off because she just seems that happy every-time I see her when I would walk-in. I would also learn probably in March I think by talking this girl that I actually had been nicknamed “Mint Chocolate Chip Guy”, which I laughed at with her but to be honest I was flattered.


So where am I going with this? Well on August 5th the universe literally slammed the door on my old soulmate as I would find out a few days later. I will get back to this as I connect the dots…Anyway as you know already it’s rare that I miss a Saturday to get my ice cream. Aug 5th fell on a Saturday coincidentally enough and? I went into the store late that night and the guy Josh was like “you just missed her, by like a half-hour and she said to let her know if “Mr. mint chocolate chip guy” stops in but I didn’t really think about it much because my mind was thinking about the universe, and would it really slam the door on her today like I was told by the signs I had been getting from the universe. So grab my usual and proceed with my walk to the water because I felt like I needed a quiet place for my thoughts.


Now fast forward Friday, August 11th I go for my walk up to town, as I tend to treat myself to Italian ice and I walk by the shop cause it’s fun to people watch a little but of-course when I pass the shop who is right there at the window looking out as I am looking in but the girl. Our eyes connect, we smile and wave to each other and as much I would love to walk in and say hi, Ice cream just wasn’t in the cards cause well its Friday. Also by this time I am now aware that the universe has closed the door on my old flame. It takes a little time but again I had been mourning the end of the relationship for some time. I was even trying to keep my eyes open and I had given some thought to the girl at the shop but I honestly had no idea about her relationship status but the thoughts had been there.


I go back the next day, Saturday August 12th, again a long day of working and etc. and I walk-in there is this guy Josh again to greet me at the counter, and not the girl. So he comes around the counter and he is like ok, I can’t believe you missed her again. He insists that we have to take a selfie so he can show her that you stopped in. So I went along with it and just went with it, got my regular order and again onward with my regular walk but not before he looks up her schedule and shares that she working next Saturday night.


Well knowing I have concert tickets to Lady Gaga I am like you know what I started giving some thought to the girl I was like, why not this girl. She seems super sweet, genuine, cute and a great smile and she just gives off a good vibe. It couldn’t hurt to just ask her if she would have any interest to go out and get to know her and you know what? I can’t wait another week to go bye to see this girl so I decided Monday night after I get home from work I’ll go up there and see if she is working.


So I walk up there and the place is mobbed but she is working, awesome…just what I didn’t want. I enter the store and wait back from the line and when she looks up you and sees me you can just see that instant smile where if she has to hold it her cheeks will eventually start to hurt from that big of a smile…so we chat a little and then she give a little direction to one of her associates working with a customer, and then walks over to the back counter and start writing down some notes…It was weird but who knows…anyway I don’t even need to say what I want as again everyone knows my order, and we just continue the small talk but I feel like everyone is listening so I just wasn’t comfortable to ask her the question I wanted. I am just nervous and so she rings me up and I pass her my frequent shopper punch card and she hands it right back with my change as normal. I put some money in the tip jar talk a little more and then proceed to head out knowing there are other patrons waiting. She say “Wait!!” and she reaches out and passes me a punch card and I look at her and I say “but you already gave me one”. She replies “trust me you want this one, and winks with a smile”. I flip it over and it has her number and name written on the card. I smile back, and say “yes, I definitely want this one”.


So I get to end of town and then I sit down on the bench and message her right then and there as I didn’t really want to wait. I was excited and flattered to know I still got it, lol. Now note how I had caught her last two Saturday’s I don’t know how I would have responded because I just wasn’t really there yet. I know because I had turned down other introductions to others in the 2 weeks prior cause I just didn’t feel like entertaining them but that day I was ready and there was just something about her that called out to me that she was someone worth getting to know.


We ended up going out a few day later where I learned she told me on the date that for the past two Saturdays she had been carrying a card with her number with the intentions of giving me her number but I just never walked in the door those days, so when I walked in on Monday I totally surprised her. It’s no coincidence that the first day she was going to give me her number was August 5th I feel but the universe knew I wasn’t ready for it so it stalled me from showing up when she was there until I was really ready to receive it. Also note how even when I couldn’t find the courage to ask for her number, the universe still made sure that she gave it to me to ensure the connection of the two of us. I will also share that sometime other people see the connection even before we do which was the case of her co-workers. They teased her about it when i would leave the story but she would shoot it down till she noticed it. It’s actually mind blowing to me that the fact that my weekly ritual that started with my old flame of going every Saturday was the cause for me meeting “The Ice Cream Girl”

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